Shopper Marketing Strategies

Break the tie at point-of-sale! With 70% of brand decisions made in-store, the right promotional offer is a strategic marketing alliance that increases a product’s overall value. Providing a choice of 100 magazines will have consumers stop, look and say to themselves, “that’s a promotion that makes sense.”

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Shopper marketing incentive

Easily include MagazineGold’s redeemable eight-digit code on in-pack/on-pack promotions, sweepstakes, direct mail, email or website offers.

Customize Offer

Choose the magazine rewards most aligned with your brand and customer demographics. Choose from category leaders such as Vogue, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit and more.

Inexpensive added value

For a fraction of its suggested retail cost, a magazine subscription provides an added value of more than $25 to any promotion.

No upfront expense

Only pay for redeemed codes, which makes Magazine Gold an extremely affordable program.

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