Case Studies

Leading Soft Drink Marketer Adds 100+ Magazines to Rewards Catalog with Magazine Gold Card.

A large soft drink marketer wished to consolidate the magazine offerings in its rewards catalog while at the same time improve the selection of magazines offered to reward program participants. The Magazine Gold Card allowed the company to replace several dozen individual magazine offerings with a single Magazine Gold Card catalog item while quadrupiling the magazine choices available to program members. Reward program members redeeming their points for a Magazine Gold Card immediately receive an email with a subcription code along with a link to the subscription redemption site.

Large Aerospace Manfucturer Rewards Employees with Magazine Gold Card on Employment Anniversary.

One of the worlds largest aerospace manufactureres wanted to provide a selection of rewards to their 100,000+ domestic employees on the event of the employee’s annual work anniversary. The Magazine Gold Card was able to meet the company’s budget requirements while at the same time provide a reward that was relevent to every employee. Each subscription gift card is redeemable for one of over 100 magazines, providing a magazine choice to match everone’s interest.

Beauty Product Marketer Sweetens Holiday Gift Package with a Subscription Gift Card

Earning premium shelf space at the largest domestic retailer was a holiday selling season objective for one beauty products marketer. Their answer was to create a retailer specific gift package that included an assortment of upscale beauty products along with a magazine subscription gift card, which added $20 in percieved value to the package. The gift package was sold at a $19.99 price point and sold out. The promotion has been repeated several years running.

CPG Company Partners with Retailer to Drive Store Visits and Total Sales with Magazine Reward

A CPG giant worked collaboratively with a large drugstore chain to offer a magazine subscription reward to customers that met a spending threshold on the marketer’s products. The promotion was advertised via in-store displays and newspaper circular ads. Spending levels were tracked by the retailer’s loyalty program software. Subscription coupons were generated at the register when the customer reached the spending target. Customers were then directed to a custom branded website to redeem their magazine subsription code for a magazine of their choice. The program had a measurable positive impact on store visits and product sales and is being rolled out to other retailers.

Clothing Retailer Rewards Sales Help with Spot Rewards

A popular national retail clothing retailer wanted to reward store floor sales representatives with spot rewards. Supervisiors are provided with a quantity of reward cards that are distributed to employees for hitting daily, weekly and monthly sales and service goals. The award recipients redeemed their gift cards for their choice of rewards which included music, movie tickets or a magazine subscription of their choice. The high perceived value and low cost of the rewards made this program a resounding success and has been in place for over 36 months.

The fashionable way to reward shoppers!

Offer a selection of fashion magazines as an in-store or online gift-with-purchase promotion to reinforce your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How do you fit a magazine into a cereal box?

Include a subscription to Men’s Health as an in-pack promotion with a sports-oriented cereal.

Need an extra ingredient to spice up your food sales?

Use one of our foodie publications such as Food & Wine or Saveur to tempt your gourmet- conscious consumer.