Magazine Rewards

NEW! Instant Digital Start
Custom Branding Options

Print and (new) digital solutions for acquisition, retention, and loyalty featuring the world's top magazine publications. We provide branded gifts and delivery, giving businesses a turn-key solution for rewarding customers and employees. Super simple and frictionless process. No credit card or autorenewal. No Strings.

Magazine Gold Card

Point & Redemption: Low cost point burn option

The MagazineGold Card continues to be an ideal high-value, low-cost reward for redemption programs. Featuring over 100 digital and print magazine choices, we can help add value and variety to any reward catalog.
With our new "Instant Start" capabilities, we can now provide both instant access as well as a year long benefit. Turnkey set-up.

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Email Capture

Capture emails, reduce bounce rates and provide a positive brand experience all at the same time!

Successful remarketing efforts will now require valid email addresses of site visitors and thrive on positive engagement. We can help! Our selection of digital rewards will persuade visitors to provide their contact info in exchange for a real reward upon completion. Choose reward give-aways that align perfectly with your brand. Full integration with most third-party visitor conversion platforms including JustUno, Klaviyo, PRemarketirivy, OptinMonster and more. Custom programs easily accommodated as well.

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Members Only Magazine Store

Coming soon!

For membership clubs and more. Awesome revenue generating options never before available. We can be part of your "+"!

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