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loyalty & reward catalogs

Add popular magazines to any loyalty, reward or incentive program. One MagazineGold digital code is redeemable for any of over 100 magazine subscriptions to print or digital magazines. Seamless integration with any online or digital reward platform. Physical or digital gift card formats available. No program too big or too small.

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sales promotion rewards

Add $20 in perceived value to your product offering with a magazine gift-with-purchase promotion at a cost that can be less than $1 per reward. In-pack, on-pack, and purchase verification programs accommodated. Customized reward redemption sites. Full customer service support.

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instant rewards

Would You Invest $1 to Improve Cart Conversion?

Of course you would and our program can provide your shoppers with a FREE GIFT that will give them the extra incentive needed for them to complete their purchase. Best of all is that we can match the gift to your product's offerings plus your prospects wants and demographics.

Strengthen Commitment to Purchase

Your customer is told of the instant subscription reward when they begin checkout. This adds $20 in bonus value to the purchase awarded immediately after purchase. Upon purchase the customer is sent a reward code good for the magazine of their choice. Retailer cost is just $1 per reward code. Only pay when cart is completed.

Your Customers Can Choose from Over 150 Magazines in Over 25 Categories.

Magazine Samples

Even More Uses

Use our subscription rewards all throughout your Marketing and Sales Promotion efforts. Our programs are being used successfully by companies across the marketing spectrum In Pack/On Pack Offers, Point Of Purchase Incentives, Email Acquisition, and Loyalty Programs.

Magazine Gold Card Gift Card Sample
Magazine Gold Card Gift Card Sample
Magazine Gold Card Gift Card Sample
Magazine Gold Card Gift Card Sample


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